Join us for a day of Women's Health Education
and Empowerment.

March 4th, 2O18 - The temple-Denver
Denver, CO

Grassroots Movement  |  Women's Empowerment  |  Health Education  |  Holistic + Herbal Medicine  |  Community Connections

When: March 4th, 2018 // 12 pm - 7pm
Where: The Temple - 2400 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80205
Who: This radically inclusive event aims to offer information and resources to any woman, man, trans, non-binary, and queer person who wishes to attend. All are welcome!
Cost: $11.00 admission 


Have you ever wondered exactly how your hormones work? What your uterus, eggs, ovaries and everything else is doing in that amazing body you have?

New Moon Rising is an all-day event built to explore exactly that. We believe knowledge about our bodies and fertility belongs to WOMEN; not hidden within a textbook, the subject line of an anxious google search, or a 5 minute appointment with your M.D.

Now, it's more important than ever to
take control and empower ourselves by attending a New Moon Rising event. Our events liberate women through health knowledge, mindfulness, community connections, and holistic health.


Who We Are

We're a group of women working together to increase awareness about sexuality, the female body, fertility, and women's health.

We believe this knowledge should be accessible to all, and simple to understand. 


Past Events

In partnership with Urban Outfitters: Space 2420, New Moon Rising Events held an evening of  Women's Health + Empowerment
in Austin, Texas.   


A day where you can celebrate and relish in the badass-ness and beauty of being a woman, and talk about all of the things we usually keep a little hush-hush or some of us may be embarrassed of; periods, vaginal health, or whatever you want!

— Lauren Zielinski


Join our movement! New Moon Rising is a non-profit, grassroots effort upheld by activated women in our community. We want your ideas, power, knowledge and strength. E-mail us to become part of our team.