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Why we care: 

New Moon Rising Women & Events was founded in March 2017 in an effort to positively counter the social injustices that have compromised women's sexual rights and freedoms. New Moon Rising seeks to close the reproductive health knowledge gap that our medical and educational systems often fail to address.

Within the United States we have observed increased rates of unwanted and unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and unsafe sexual practices. These issues worsen when women lack comprehensive reproductive health education and access to sexual health resources. 

Our community of mothers, daughters and women deserves sound access to education about our bodies. All are welcome to join us in this effort. 


New Moon Rising offers interactive workshops on reproductive health education and holistic healthcare options. We also feature an open market of female artists, musicians, makers, business owners, and sex-positive companies.  NMR events provide a space for women to learn, exchange knowledge, and collaborate with fellow women within our community. 

We believe that there are many ways to heal outside of the normal yearly physical or well woman exam. We believe that exposure and activation to encourage self-healing through enlightenment in the forms of natural and holistic medicine are fabulous ways to empower women to take accountability for their female health.


What are we getting from this?

New Moon Rising is a grassroots movement. There is no financial gain from this organization, all funds donated or charged at the events (typically minimal) go directly back into the organization to keep her wheels spinning. We firmly stand to keep this event as low-cost as possible because we believe sexual health education is a right. We hope to promote women's health and sexual freedom on a community level. In coming events we plan to award scholarships and free admission to youth and at risk women. 

Now that you know...jump in!
If you feel inspired to get involved contact us at newmoonrisingevents@gmail.com. Jump in with us. All are welcome!