New Moon Rising: Denver

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Vibrant: By Planned Parenthood: Body Safe Sex Toys for Every Body

Sacred Red Tent Space: Moon + Womb's Liz Ogletree will host a pop up Red Tent Space inside the event! Inspired by a grassroots movement of women's circles focusing on the menstrual cycle and the revival and rise of the divine red feminine, Moon + Womb is a women’s health based boutique and gathering space offering womb conscious workshops and monthly red tent events on the New Moon.

Community Health + Planned Parenthood Resources: Information table open to questions about sexual health access in regards to PP in Denver. 

Frolic: Tasting booth: Herbal aphrodisiac cocktail bitters - By Bridget's Botanicals. Frolic is a floral blend of lavender, rose, and damiana that as an aphrodisiac blend, will arouse your senses and surprise your taste buds with delight! 

Light as a Feather:  Breast, Womb and Spiritual Upliftment Oil as well as offerings of 15 minute Womb Attunement; a healing practice that clears the energetic blockages of the womb and attunes her to the heart and mind. Celeste will also be answering any questions you might have about a doulas role in the childbirth experience. 

Blue Bench Information Table: At The Blue Bench, our mission is to eliminate sexual assault and diminish the impact it has on individuals, their loved ones, and our community through comprehensive issue advocacy, prevention and care. At our table, we will be provide the opportunity to change the conversation around sexual assault and violence through information and resources for the community.

Shannon's Cloth: Earth-friendly feminine products handmade with love by Shannon 

Nature + Spirit Pop Up Shop: Natural handmade body products infused with essential oils and crystal waters. Macrame wall hangings, dream catchers, tea infusers and locally sourced handmade teas. 

Rising Roots Wellness: Clnical Herbalists Tracy Koivisto & Amber Graziano - Mini Flower Essence Consultations with Sonoran Desert Set, lovingly crafted botanical products, a create your own Yoni Steam Blend station and gems & minerals. 

The Journey to Om: Tarot card readings and reiki chakra tune up's by Lauren Haug - Licensed Practicing Counselor, Reiki Master, and Yoga Teacher

Threads Worldwide: Hand crafted jewelry and accessories from 15 countries.  Our partnerships empower women around the world through the Fair Trade of artisan jewelry.

Short Lessons on Sensing Your Own Energy Field and Aura: By Coco Pile; Light Mover, Healing Catalyst, Educator - 
"Come discover what our ancestors knew. Learn about the energy that animates your body. Begin to feel the channels of light within you. Discover the healing power of being human. There's so much to our bodies that what we were not told. My job is to bring that lost knowledge back to life and empower people with their innate ability to feel, move and influence energy."

Information Booth: Using a Midwife for Gynecological or Obstetric Care: 
Baby + Company -Wheat Ridge 

And more!

Workshop Schedule

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Invocation / Open Market Begins

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Education Session: Hormones + The Menstrual Cycle: 1 month in your body
- Lauren Zielinski, CNM

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Kundalini & Femininity: A guided meditation exploring the 11 moon centers of the female body, for self knowledge and self compassion by Kundalini Teacher Rachel Zelaya, Registered Psychotherapist, MA

Education Session
Birth Control + Natural Fertility Awareness
Anna Pestine CNM + Amanda Glaser, RN 

2:30-3:30       Open Time

Herbal Allies for Celebrating our Bodies: Sacred Nourishment & Ritual for Womb Support
Join Clinical Herbalists Amber and Tracy for a discussion of their favorite herbal allies, recipes and rituals for connecting to our cyclical nature. Themes that we will explore include whole body nourishment, loving the liver, ritual self care with yoni steams & sacred bathing and flower essences for the emotional body. 

Mindfulness, Self Care and The Science Behind Meditation: 
Lauren Haug MA, LPC, CYT

Let's talk about Sex: The Orgasm + Empowered Sexuality: Amy Eudis McBain, author of Intentional Orgasm: Changing The World, One Orgasm at a Time

Panel of Lady Parts Experts: Ask Anything Session
Susan Yates, CNM, Caitlin Clark MD, Betsy Arreguin CNM, Amy Wallace CNM 

6:15-7:00       Closing / Open Time / Market