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Here is a glance at the activists and participants working to create New Moon Rising in Denver, Colorado!


Lauren Zielinski, CNM, MSN, RN is the founder and energy behind New Moon Rising. She works as full time certified nurse midwife in Denver, Colorado at an out of hospital birth center. Lauren is passionate about women's health, education and the empowerment of every woman through KNOWLEDGE! She believes every woman should understand, own and feel powerful in her own skin, especially when it comes to controlling their fertility and understanding their sexual health needs. Women deserve to live in a world where they do not feel ashamed of their sexuality but empowered by the wonder and beauty that it is to be WOMAN. Her work in the community surrounds the ideas of exposing women to forms of holistic health care that may be unfamiliar to them, and giving them reproductive health education to help connect with their bodies. She believes this encourages accountability of one's health through nutrition, self care, mindfulness, happiness and love. She understands she sounds like an idealist, because she is one! She looks forward to meeting you all at her events and would love any help or energy you have to give if you feel inspired to jump on board in making the wheels on this bus go round.