New Moon Rising's recommended women's health and female focused resources in the Denver community

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Planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains:

Did you know at PP you can obtain standard health care like annual exams, pap smears, STI testing and breast exams? Planned parenthood also offers transgender services like hormone consultation and transgender tailored sexual health care amongst the many other services one can take advantage of to take control of their reproductive health. 

We love Planned Parenthood!  

Here are some helpful links: 

STI Testing / Sexual Health / Well Women Exams / Pap Tests

Transgender Resources 

Rape & Sexual Assault

Abortion Services 

DONATE to Planned Parenthood


feeling divinely feminine?

Red tent gatherings are one way to honor your inner femininity, connect with your body and pause and relish in the glory of being a woman and all that comes along with that, including our powerful periods! 

Moon + Womb is "Denver's woman-owned women's circle studio and menstrual wellness alternative hub. Inspired by the red tent, a grassroots movement of women's circles focusing on the menstrual cycle and the revival and rise of the divine red feminine, Moon + Womb is a women’s health based boutique and gathering space offering womb conscious workshops and monthly red tent events on the New Moon. Join a community of women actively working together to honor the rites of menstruation, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and menopause in a sacred space made for womanhood. "


Wanting to Connect with like-minded chicas and up your career game?

Check out Lady Killas Denver: This local group of strong women is "a female owned-and-operated organization devoted to the growth of female leadership in the workplace." "Our goal is to create a platform around education & opportunity through monthly networking and speaker events." This group organizes inspirational events giving attendees the tools and inspiration to make a difference in the community and, "raise the percentage of women in leadership." Check out their Facebook page here to stay updated on their events. 


Planning for a babe?

Are you trying to get pregnant? Fun! It's a really good idea to plan before you conceive which most people don't know! Our advice is to schedule a "pre-conception" visit with your women's health provider in order to review your health and get you on track to your healthiest self before you add a kiddo to that tummy.

If you are under age 35 and have been trying to conceive for 1 year or more or if you are over age 35 and have been trying for more than 6 months you qualify to see a provider for infertility care. If you think you may need help conceiving don't be scared, it's not uncommon and there are lot's of options before IVF .... Here is a link to University of Colorado's reproductive medicine practice. If your insurance doesn't work here try googling any fertility specialist in your area! 




Midwifery groups

Did you know a Midwife is a medically and holistically trained nurse practitioner who specializes in women's health and is certified to take care of all of your women's health needs? Not just deliver babies! DOPE right?!

Need an annual exam? Birth control? A pap? Breast exam? Pregnant? A midwife would love to take care of you!

Not only do midwives typically spend more time during visits with their patients (yay!), they also work from a holistic care model, tend to use natural remedies first, and have a strong focus on education and nutrition. (insert clapping emoji)

Here are a few midwifery groups we love in Denver if you'd like to use a CNM (certified nurse midwife) for your lady parts care:

Baby and Company - Wheatridge

Center for Midwifery

Boulder Birth Center



Pelvic floor therapy / pain therapy

Do you have chronic pelvic pain? Pain during sex? Pelvic pain that you feel could be related to past trauma or PTSD? Have you had children and no longer have full control of your bladder? A pelvic floor therapist can help you! You may need a referral from your general practitioner but you may not - usually insurance dependent, working with pelvic floor therapists can help with a myriad of "down there" issues. Living with chronic pelvic pain or leaking urine without control does not have to be your new normal.  Here is a link to CU's pelvic floor therapy group where you can learn more about Pelvic PT. 


Need Inspo on how to be a bad babe? 

Check out your local Tarra events and peruse their beautiful website for inspirational stories and highlights on women who are moving and shaking the creative industry. Tarra's mission "is to give women access to life-changing opportunities for growth by providing the tools, resources and community to help them build successful businesses and careers."

 "TARRA is a global community of women who are innovating, transforming, creating, designing, writing, fabricating, building, and thinking outside the box. We place women at the center of the conversation by highlighting those who are breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible."